Seppuku Banana

Cowboy Wash.: Prolly the best 'bang for your buck' I have had in a long time. Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cowboy Wash.: What's up? Me: I just played phone tag from hell! Cowboy Wash.: Was it an important call? Me: YES! The lady called. I go to answer it, but my iPhone FREEZES up! Cowboy Wash.: Uh oh... Me: When it finally defrosted, I called her back. Me: I got her secretary, who tells me the line is busy, so I leave a message.
 Me: Then I hang up, only to have a voicemail asking me to call back.
 Me: Which I do ... and the secretary tells me, 'Her line has been busy the entire time. I will give her your message as soon as she is available.' Cowboy Wash.: Ouch. I hope it wasn't a job interview.
 Me: It doesn't matter. I'm committing seppuku with a banana as we speak.

Download this webcomic.

3 Responses to “Seppuku Banana”

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  3. Khaled Says:

    The narrator is the cooks aastsisnt and the cameraman oh and taster. Is this a school project? Oh use 1 babyspoon of baking soda . Thise machines also called mixers could be found for a36.99(a cheap one) in the shop. Banana colouring isn’t necessary, use vanilla extract. That kitchen looks like a students’ dig. Anyway, good and simplified but you could have cut the cake for us to see how it turned out inside. I guess the narrator couldnt wait to go demolish the cake.

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